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Dr.Dereje Kebede Vol.9

$12.00 $2.99

3.5 average, based on 22 reviews

Product Information

Gospel Singer Dr. Dereje Kebede Vol.9 CD

Product Code: DDK09MC400

Customer Reviews

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Ye-Adnaqote Qene Le-Egzabiher

To Dr.Dereje Kebede It hsa been long time to hear your i thank God to have chance to liseten your power full sang that sat for long time in my heart and so i said this is GOD man we need at this horrible time i belive GOD spokes to you. You are GOD man to everyone who said we serving the lord they were blind now you open them eyes unless they ignored this powerful message.whatever they are saying it's out there,they could'nt be able to hide it.keep it up and make them awake.may GOD continue to bless you and give you word to flow us.i am on your side to support all your song inspired me a lot! I knew pasters,Evanglist who keep doing this they may not like this song, whatever i want to encourage you to tell them the true to comeback from wrong direction. i thank GOD for you. Keep doing your best.......May GOD bless you and keep you safe in his almighty name!

Daniel :: Aug 04 2009, 13:38 PM

Yeadenaqote Qene leEgziabher

BeGeta beiyesus sime selam lenante yehun DR.Derje Kebede Vol 9 yalegne Asteyayte Ewnetawe yehenew meleketu bemetsahafe beweta wendemachen Dr.derje belebu Yemolawen bemulu Yakerblen nebre Geta Yibarkeh Wendem Dr Derje.

Anteneh :: Jul 23 2009, 04:21 AM

From Which church is Dereje

Dear Meskel Media workrs, I wish if I can get Dereje face to face. You know what Dereje was not involving in the church for over 2o yeras according to his speech, so how can he recognized these all to sing in his vol.9 cd? Second is the aim of a song really inteded forsuch kinds of criticism or to glorify Gos? Just take time and double thing and send another cd to compensate this one I pain quite alot of money and it doesnt worth its price. Thanks and stay blessed

Fisseha :: Jul 21 2009, 00:23 AM

Long awaited

It doesn't get any better. Album #9 is full of timely messages expressed with an elegant and highly sophisticated voice and melody. I just can't get enough of it. However, some of these songs are not for YESHAGETU SEWOCH. Track #2 and #7 are for those folks who are writing negative reviews pretending unbelivers or something else. I say go back to your cave and liten to these songs even more.

Your Name :: Jun 28 2009, 13:50 PM

yadnakot ken

DR. dereja enkuwan demethehen lemesemate tadeleku selesemu selasayehew fekerena akeberot geta rejime edemena tenane endisetehe emnghalew mezemurochu yesewen nefese yemimogetu nachew begeta lebe weset yalu ewenetoche nachew semeto amen lale hulu selame yehun

Kefa Mideksa :: Jun 15 2009, 22:47 PM

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